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Hey...No Way...Alecstar Still Rocks

We used to see Alecstar in a small bar in East Syracuse....Sylvan Beach...just about anywhere within driving distance...I loved their cover song "Sunspot Baby" cause "we sure had a real good time!!!!" Kisses to Jack

Re: Hey...No Way...Alecstar Still Rocks

You must have been a fan from the beginning because we only played that particular Bob Seger tune when George was on drums. As far as "kisses to Jack" .... what about the rest of us!

Re: Re: Hey...No Way...Alecstar Still Rocks

Hi! I definitely was a fan from the beginning. I moved to Boston in 1983 so I disappeared from the fan pool only by proxy. Hugs and kisses to Harry, George and Dickie too (but I was 19 yrs old and had a huge crush on Jack

If any of you guys are in the Boston area, email me and I'll show you around. You still rock and thank you for the great memories!