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Hey George!

My brother Tom just e-mailed me and told me that he saw a billboard on the side of the NYS Thruway advertising that Alecstar is having a reunion at Turning Stone on 10/3/09! I SOOOOOO WISH I could be there, but financially I'm not sure I can swing it this year... (It's been a very tough year for my business and my bank account!) Anyway, I am going to look into the flight costs from FL, etc. to see if there is any way I can swing it, but if I don't make it up there, I wish you guys all the best!

By the way, THE PREMIERS are safe and sound in their Anvil cases up in my closet! My son Nick and I just recently tore them all the way down to the washers and oiled the shells and polished all of the nickel hardware and put all new hydrolic heads on them! THEY LOOK AND SOUND MARRRRRRVELOUS! I'm so glad I bout those from you! Now I just need to start playing them again!

All the best my friend! Stay in touch!

Your friend,