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Thanks Mitch

Just wanted to say "thanks Mitch", for adding my link on your site. Now I really need to keep up don't I? Unfortunately, I have been a bit lax of late due to other obligations, but when this semester ends, I plan on doing a major overhaul to the site, hopefully to include some music and videos! Great to see so many Alecstar fans coming out of the woodwork!!
I cannot wait until September!!!!!!!

Re: Thanks Mitch

That is the least we could for all the promotion you have given the Turning Stone date and our new website. We are very grateful. Thank you!

Re: Re: Thanks Mitch

Are you kidding?
After all of the good times this band provided in my "rock n roll youth", I am very excited to have the chance to promote them now! If we had this in the 80's, my site would have rocked!!!!!!!!! LOL!!