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My Dad

This site is awesome!!!! Thanks Mitch...great job. Now I can see what my dads real passion was. Mom and Dad always told me about those days but I could not have imagined!!! I went to the reunion at Vernon Downs and got to carry my Dads guitar and got a taste of the big time. Now I am writing songs and recording music of my own. Alecstar keep going on....I need more inspiration!!!!! Just another jokester like my father.

Re: My Dad

I'm sure you've heard lots of stories from the good old days,you should be very proud of your dad. Everyone in Alecstar was and still is the best group of guys you could ever meet. Isaw Alecstar play at least 100 times and they were always on top of it.No matter where they played or if it was in the middle of winter in West Leyden they always rocked the house.I hope you have the same passion your dad has because he was the wildest, most entertaining rocker I've ever seen !