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Looking forward to September!

Hello to all of you Alecstar fanatics! I had a great time last May at the Turning Stone and am looking forward to playing again in September. It was great seeing everyone. Because last years show happened with just a few months notice coupled with WOUR's anniversary push, the tickets went within a month. Alot of people (in the Syracuse area) didn't know we were playing until it was too late. This year we have alot more time (7-months) to let everybody know. Mitch has been hard at work promoting the show (and the upcoming CD/DVD) to the local papers and radio stations in Syracuse and in the Albany area. So we should be seeing more fans from outside the Utica-Rome area this year. We want to see EVERYBODY! I hope you have enjoyed our website. Don't even ask about "those" pictures! It's a long story and at the moment they were being taken... a very painful one for me! See you in September......... Harry

Re: Looking forward to September!

Hi Harry,
(Not that I don't see you around town occasionally at the odd UTG gig!) Actually, you're probably the only person other than JC that I knew from the "old days" that I ever see out! Just wanted to say "HI"! I still haven't been out to see "Kane". One day I'll have to make it out to catch a show.

Re: Looking forward to September!

Hi, Harry! You are the only one I had any word of in the past few years! My friend Ela (who lives in Syracuse) has told me that she saw you out at the former Lost Horizon a few times. Also had checked your Kane website from the link on the 805 website. Glad to know you're still rockin! If you remember the Rock n Rye in Lake George, that was my Uncle Joe's club, and that is where I first saw Alecstar. Looking forward to the big party at the Turning Stone in September.
See you then!