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Re: First Time I saw Alecstar

Aaah, I remember it well. The very first time I saw Alecstar was at a place called "Indian Kettles" which was way up near the Vermont border! I was visiting my friend Maria who lived in Gloversville and she had been bugging me to go see the band. We had been seeing the Flyers for awhile and I met her when she starting dating one of their crew. She and the friends from her area used to follow Alecstar around, and kept telling me I just HAD to see them. Well, she was right. After that night, I was hooked. After that, we had to split our "band time" between the Flyers and Alecstar. I must say, I not only got to have a great time and hear some great music; I met a lot of friends along the way. Just hearing the songs brings back lots of memories! Very much looking forward to the new CD, as well as the show.

Re: Re: First Time I saw Alecstar

I, too, remember seeing Alecstar at Indian Kettles, in Hagus, NY!! I also was friends with Maria from Gloversville (and Chrisanne, and Rosie)! I am sure that we must have crossed paths a few times over the years. My first time seeing Alecstar was in 1978 @ Rock n Rye in Lake George. I told my uncle Joe who owned the club "this band is has what it takes, you HAVE to have them back!" and he did...many, many times!
You are right about making friends along the way. The people that came out to see Alecstar were always friendly, outgoing, party people! Can't wait to feel that vibe again!

Re: Re: Re: First Time I saw Alecstar

For this fan of the band, it was at the Hullabaloo in Rensselaer. They played all the good songs with the heavy covers. And afterward , the boys in the band were more than happy to let me help load the gear onto the truck. After that first time, whenever the fellas came to town, it was a bottle of Jack and good times for all.