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Congrats to the Winners

Congrats to ~ Kathy and "Tron" for naming the new CD...(looking forward to it's release)...and also to Debbie for her work.

Re: Congrats to the Winners

I too would like to offer my congrats to the two winners. Looking forward to Full Circle's release.CANNONBALL!

Re: Congrats to the Winners

Way to go, Killerqueen!!!! Great name for the CD!!

Re: Re: Congrats to the Winners

Thanks everyone! I am thrilled that they actually picked one of my submissions. I just sat there one night and typed a bunch of stuff, hoping something would click. I am really looking forward to hearing it!!

Re: Congrats to the Winners

Okay already...I just read and realized that my submission was one of the final two to be considered for the title. I switched ISP providers this summer so I wouldn't have gotten a message. I have been on the site since then, but didn't read the old news section.
I am so pleased, excited and honored to think that "Back on Track" was considered. Maybe it can be used for the next CD :)
Congratulations to Kathy and Tron for submitting the name "Full Circle." Also, great job to the band for working so hard on getting the CD out and not rushing it just to get it out in time for the concert! You guys ROCK!!! (Couldn't resist!)
Looking forward to seeing you again!