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An example of going Full Circle

Whoever might have told me on those drunken nights at the Rustic Inn watching my favorite band, that I'd be taking my kids to see them 25 years later, I would have said they were nuts...
I played the Rock of Central NY for my family, and many times told them about Alecstar. Last May I took my husband to see 805 and Alecstar at the Turning Stone and commented on how much my 12 year old aspiring rock star son would have loved the concert. I'm now taking him plus my 9 year old twins to the show in September.
I can't express how psyched I am to share this great band and part of my life with my kids. Who ever would have thought it?

Re: An example of going Full Circle

How true that is...I do the same thing with my wife and kids...we were going to the May show when a family event kept us from seeing the wife loves all the music I play every morning to get my day started right...she is excited about seeing Alecstar and meeting them too... my 4 year old has a drum set and plays pretty well for his age...a future star himself...hope that he can learn all the alecstar songs so I can live this memory forever....
Russralf...yes baby