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I just had to say that I will always have awsome memories of this band. I saw them many many times at the good old West Leyden Hotel and JJ's among many others. I remember one time I had my rabbit fur coat on at the West Leyden Hotel and the quiet one with the long hair that used to play guitar on my right side of the stage (I don't know your name!) said nice coat. Well, I just stood there because I was so in love with this band that it was like: "Oh my god he spoke to me." I was shy back then and never tried to meet the band members. But nothing outshines the memories that I have of going to see these bands when I was just out of high school. I saw them not too long ago at fireworks over central ny and I am getting tickets for the casino show. I still get the butterflies when I see their pictures. Those guys are so cool. xxoo (: