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MVCC class of '85

Greetings from New Jersey!
I am so excited I discovered this website and I just bought tickets for September 18!!
I saw Alecstar many times when I was a student at MVCC. My favorite Alecstar memory was getting my album signed by the band upstairs in the dressing room of a club in Rome (can't remember the club name... JJs?? Please somebody tell me!!) Now i have to dig that album out!
Those were great times at The Rustic, Caddy Shack (what a dive), Milo's, and more....
Can't wait till Sept 18!!!

Re: MVCC class of '85

Kathy, That would be Colemans you are talking about. Some of the live footage on our upcoming DVD was shot at Colemans and MVCC. We are glad that you found our website and we are looking forward to seeing you and all our other fans in September.... The Alecstar Band

Re: Re: MVCC class of '85

Ah Yes! Coleman's Rodeo Club...with the upstairs slot machine!! I won more money on that stupid thing than I have EVER won at the TurningStone!