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Re: Re: Re: Other clubs in in 70's & 80's

I just wanted to correct myself ,it was Livingstons Ale House in Kirkland and if I remember right that is where the picture for the flex cd was taken

Re: Re: Re: Re: Other clubs in in 70's & 80's

Actually the photo shoot for the picture disc, which had the songs "Wheel of Fortune" and "Gonna Get Thru To You" on it, was taken at The Rubar in Canastota.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Other clubs in in 70's & 80's

OMG, I can't believe I left out the "Ole Barn" in Inlet! We used to be there almost every holiday weekend because it was usually either Alec or Flyer who was booked there. Rubar in Canastota was a great venue, but lets just say that some memories associated with that particular club are those I would rather forget.
(Nothing to do with the bands that played there.) Yes, I remember "Bruni's", and of course I loved going to "JoJo's" at Sylvan Beach. I think its called Pfohl's now.

Re: Other clubs in in 70's & 80's

Allen's in Scotia-Glenville (where Alecstar opened for Loverboy), Hullabaloo in Rensselaer, Rock'n Rye in Lake George, Hmmmm, let's see also remember MacMatt's in Johnstown, Skyway, Indian Kettles, Palmer House, Schuylerville Theatre, Poor House North, Lost Horizon, and the Connection a blast was had by all!!!!!!!!