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Alecstar and Flyers Share The Stage

OMG! I cannot believe that Alecstar will actually be sharing the stage with the NY Flyers for an "all-star" jam at the Turning Stone! Should we rename the show to "WWF Rock-nRoll Ego Smackdown" ??
Just kidding!.. but anyone who was around in "the day" has to be gettin' a chuckle out of that one!!

Re: Alecstar and Flyers Share The Stage

As a former crew member for both bands,this sounds like a dream come true.I can't wait to see and hear what sounds like THE EVENT OF THE YEAR!Also if either band is looking for a slightly used,thoroughly abused and somewhat older crew member for the night,I am available.

Re: Re: Alecstar and Flyers Share The Stage

I'll bet he'll even supply his own Duct tape!!!!

Why did the Flyers roadies always duct tape the rat's ass????

Answer next week!!!