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Re: Alecstar Excitement

I can't wait! I have my autographed album and old pictures to bring!!
Wish I had a turntable to play it on this week. My 11 year old asked "what is a turntable?"
Can anyone tell me what it's like at the Turning Stone?? How is it to see a show there?

Re: Re: Alecstar Excitement

There is really no bad seats at The Showroom. Tables with seats around them. You can bring your own cooler with beer or whatever . Make sure their cans and no glass bottles. Alecstar, Rock On.

Re: Re: Re: Alecstar Excitement

BYOB?? Boy, am I glad I asked!! Cuz I wouldnt have been prepared! What about waitress service? I thought it was like a vegas type place, where they served you???

Re: Re: Re: Re: Alecstar Excitement

You can bring your own and they have waitress service (for non-alcoholic drinks) but they do not and cannot sell alcohol. By law, alcohol sales are not allowed where there is gambling. See you there.... The Alecstar Band

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Wow. Guess this is a NY thing, cuz in Jersey at Atlantic City, alcohol is everywhere, free if you are gambling!!!
Thanks for the heads up!! SEE YA SATURDAY

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It's Indian Land also. It's not like your in Vegas or Atlantic City. This way you bring in a cooler with a bunch of cans of beer and you save money that way. If they did sell beer here it would cost more than if you buy it and bring it in. When Alecstar and 805 played, i had no idea you could bring in your own and wasn't prepared, i vowed that would never happen again.

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Well, thanks so much for the heads up!
Where are your seats? I am at a queens table. On the far right.
I'm coming from New Jersey, but originally from Hamilton NY!
see you tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My seats are in the front of the stage center. I was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey and have relatives throughout Jersey. Lived here most of my life. Rock On