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I took my 12 year old son with me last night to his first real concert. We went to the Seneca Room and we ran into Tim Sharp (who I wasn't really quite familiar with until I saw him on stage :) Then...the run down memory lane began as I saw was nice to see you again, I hope to see you in Kane (on a good day :) and best wishes with those new babies! Then seeing Jack again was the best! You're still so full of energy! The only thing I regret about last night was not seeing Jackie and meeting your kids. Hi Jackie! But...I did get to see Dave Seib :) Sorry about the flash buddy! I turned around and saw George standing behind heart still skipped a beat and I felt like a shy schoolgirl again! Then there was Dick...the quiet one. You may be quiet, but you still play a mean guitar. It was so great to see all of you!!! Mike, I didn't forget about the pig hat picture...I'll find it yet :)
We both enjoyed the show tremendously!!! I sat in a booth with New York Flyer fans so that was cool. It brought me back to the day...and this morning when I got up, I watched my dvd (thanks for that and I hope you use the title for your next CD) and all of the memories came flooding back again...spandex never looked so GOOD! The dvd was superb!!! I can't wait until the cd comes you guys another excuse to get together, hopefully!

Take care...hugs...Debbie