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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Feeling nostalgic one night, I decided to google Alecstar and see if anything came up, which is how I got here. I remember you guys from way back, in the early eighties, when Dick M. had that big hair, wore a leather jacket, and rode a motorcycle. George was a cutie, Louie the keyboard player was the best, Jack was a ball buster, Harold was a smart ass. My friend Brenda and I would drive all over NY just to see you guys, ah, the memories. So here's a shout out from S. Florida, glad to see ya all together again. Take Care!

Re: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Actually Lou was in the band for about nine months in 1977 and he and Dick had never played together until we asked Lou to join us for a couple of songs at our May 2003 reunion. That was our multi talented front man George you are talking about, who often played acoustic guitar and keyboards after he moved off the drums and out front. We are glad to hear from you and maybe we will see you at our next reunion. Thanks for checking in! ..... Alecstar