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Taste of Syracuse

I am so excited! I can't wait till the next reunion concert! I was at the Turning Stone last year, and it was awesome! That was the first time I saw you guys since the 80's! You were just as great as you were back then. And to be able to see you at an outside concert-its great! Can't wait until the CD comes out. I hope its soon! Meanwhile, I'll continue watching the DVD. I never thought I'd still be following you after all these years. Anyways, keep up the good work and we'll see ya in June. Take care!

Re: Taste of Syracuse

Liz, Thank you for the kind words. We can't wait either. We have not played in Syracuse in 20 years! All three reunions have been in Verona to date. It will be nice playing to a home crowd. See you there!

Taste of Syracuse - time of Show

Do you have a tenitive time you will be playing on the 4th. I would like to come but have a bunch of other things going on the same day and want to make room to come down and see you play.

Re: Taste of Syracuse - time of Show

There have been some developments in the show. They have added the Bacon Brothers (actor Kevin Bacon's band) so we are now going on at approx. 6:45PM. We will be sending a general email out as well as a news post to the website the week before the show.... the Alecstar Band