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colemans gone

It was a strange sight on my way home from work yesterday coming into Rome and not seeing Colemans. The old club has been demolished to make room for a new highway.As the tracks on the dvd show ,Colemans was always packed and rockin when Alecstar came to town.

Re: colemans gone

OMG! They tore down Coleman's? Boy did we have a LOT of fond memories of that place. That's too bad. Funny, whenever I hear of some band playing a Utica /Rome club, right away I go, "what did it used to be called?" because I always think it was probably a club we used to frequent in the "old days".

Re: Re: colemans gone

Yes, I'm one of the many girls in the Rome area who have those wonderful memories. It was extremely exciting to go to Coleman's whenever we knew Alecstar was going to be there. They were the most exciting times I ever had. (: