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Did'nt anyone tell you guys?

Didn't anybody tell Jack that he's too old to jump around? Didn't anybody enlighten him that old
farts couldn't rock the pants off of everyone when you're knocking on Geritol's door? How can't he know that "old timers" aren't supposed to rip up a Fender bass with such expertise that he destoyed any the
new young rock and rollers expectations of what a bassman is supposed to be like? I'm sure someone
had to tell him that the old familiar **** eating grin can't stay on his face that long, it'll stunt
his growth! Somebody must have reminded George that he's over 40 and he can't look that young and
still be able to wail dead-on perfect as if he's done this before? I mean how can a guy sing that
great, look that good, and move like that and be an old man? Harry, no way can you still play that hot,
where was the tape player? Sure was a neat trick how you can fooled everyone into think that you can still play those chords that awesome! But everyone knows,
that nobody that old can jam like that! Murph, you'll hurt y'allself playing that geetar! How
are you supposed to ride a Harley into the sunset if you get your fingers all screwed up playing
utterly awesome guitar licks like that? Better not tell AARP, they'll pull your benefits! And of course,
everyone knows that an Animal is waaaay over the hill to be able to bang the drums that hard and with
such precision. C'mon, where was the 20something band hiding? There is no way you guys can still do
that foot stompin', hand clappin', ear splittin', rock your ass off kind of music. What are you, a
bunch of smart alecs?

YEeeeeah baby! That really was awesome! Loved it....
want more!
Donny Duck Seib

Re: Did'nt anyone tell you guys?

I LOVE That! Very funny and very true. Although there are a couple up-n-coming "kid-bands" that have great potential talent-wise, there is no imitating heart, soul, attitude, and just plain FUN! These guys have never let us down in that department!!

Re: Did'nt anyone tell you guys?

ROFLMAO! Great description! In case anyone missed the downtown show, like Donny Duck said,these guys can't be that old!
Rock On,