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Re: Just Got The New Cd...My Favorite Song

Actually we did record "Too Late To Cry" last year for the new CD. Unfortunately we were not happy with the way the drums sounded. Tonally they were lacking. It was not a drummer issue either, as we had the high powered Gary Briggs from 805 playing them. They needed to be totally redone. Jeff Perillo, Harry & Mitch started to remix all the songs just 6 weeks before the show. The reason for that was that we thought that somebody else was going to pick up the reins of what could easily be described as a mess and fix it. When it became apparent that was not going to happen we did it ourselves. When Too Late To Cry came up for mixing we determined that the drums would never sound right unless they were redone. At that point we were out of time. We had to let that song go. Fortunately it is on our DVD which made it easier to do that. It is a favorite of ours as well. We are going to redo the drums on it at somepoint as it would be a shame not to. As for the rest of the songs on the CD we put all the Alecstar "classics" on it as well as some that were only born in the last year of the band. And the ones that were never recorded we did last year so that none would be left out... with the exception of Too Late To Cry. We also recorded "I'm No Fool", the blues type song that we played at our 2004 & 2005 reunions. That was simply a time issue as well. Something else had to go and that was the song chosen. Mostly because it was really only played live back when George was on drums. As for all of you "Take Me" fans (especially Brian!) the songs original recording was so thin sounding that even with digital mastering we could not fatten it up enough to make it sound acceptable too us. Plus nobody had an 8-Track 1/2 inch machine (which it was recorded on) so we could work with all the original tracks. We had to use the two track stereo master. That leaves very little you can do. So thats the whole story. As for the memories..... we are not done yet!