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Tast of Syracuse "Hell"

Boy, when Mitch told me you guys had to "go through a lot" to get this gig, I had no idea to what extent until I read the latest on the "Reunions" page. Sorry, but I guess some of these "organizers" for Syracuse festivals don't have a clue about what the people in their city are looking for. If they had even bothered to promote Alecstar even a little, they would have had one hell of a crowd without the Bacon Brothers. No offense to them, (Kevin is one of my fav actors and their band is good for what they do) but the fact is, that most people have no clue they had any cds, etc., because their music isn't exactly "TOP 40". Alecstar has been a CNY favorite for 20 years. We had people coming from out of state for this show. At least the ones who KNEW ABOUT IT! Can you imagine how many more might have shown up if they had actually bothered to publicize it? Oh yeah, they promoted the festival and "The Bacon Brothers", but I never heard one mention of Alecstar!! I've been to two of the reunion shows and I see the number of people who come out to see this band. TOS totally blew it! I give Mitch a lot of credit for having the patience and determination to see this through. God knows, if I I had to deal with all the nonsense he did, I probably would have had to kill someone before it was over!!

Re: Taste of Syracuse "Hell"

You are quite correct when you ask how many more people would have showed up had they known we were even playing. What little publicity we got, we either did on our own through the website or contacted TK99 and asked for some. Dave Frisina, as always helped us out in the remaining few days before the show. But this should have all started a month before the show. The TOS people make most of their money off of beer sales. The more people show up, the more beer they sell, the more money they make. They did not even return my phone calls (I left messages as to why I was calling) when I called to ask why I wasn't hearing our name on the radio ads. They did not care. As far as wanting to kill someone... Do you want that list in alphabetical, chronological or numerical order!