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wow- You guys ARE here!

The strangest thing happened to me tonight. I received a call from my ex-husband, Brendan (Ben) McNally. He felt a unknown reason to share a tid bit of information with me....i have to admit i was scared of what he was going to say, after I figured out it was him.
He wanted to share his discovery of ALECSTAR on the internet! And we can buy CD's. Well for 2 hours i have been here checking this out! Someone put alot of work into this site. NICE. Too bad you are missing one of the HOTTEST chics that used to stand up front! ME!
Today is Valentine's Day, and My ex-husband called about you guys... I guess that says what fond memories we have of our nights together-filled with your music
Our most popular place to see you was the DRIFT INN in Bainbridge NY. Sharpie was from Sidney, NY and my ex used to go to high school with him. We also moved to Binghamton and never missed a POPEYE's show!
What great memories. Over 20 years ago. I still have my original clear vinyl photo record.
WHEN IS THE NEXT REUNION? Why dont you make ladies size tank tops?
Hello to all you guys. Can't wait to get my CD in the mail. See you soon! Hey Conover...did you get on this site yet??

Re: wow- You guys ARE here!

Sher, Thanks for the compliments! Our manager (Mitch) and our webmaster (Jeff Perillo) took on the website project. As for your picture.... if you have one from back then we will be glad to add it to our website if you want to email it to us. Your suggestion for offering ladies tank tops is a good one and we may have them at our next show. We did have medium t-shirts (mostly for the women as they run on the small side) but they sold out way quicker than we had anticipated. We will look into it for our next show. As for that, things are up in the air for this year. We may and we may not. If we do not then the next show will not be until the spring of 07'. We will add your name to our emailing list. By the way Harry says he remembers you and that you were pretty hot!