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Okay, Who has the...

ALECSTAR license plate??? Yesterday I was driving down Grand Ave behind someone with a license plate that just said "Alecstar". So I figured it's gotta be someone I know. I didn't want to stare into the car, because it kind of freaks me out when people do that to me, so I didn't see the person.....

Re: Okay, Who has the...

Your right... it's someone you know! I was at the State Fair last year and did it on a whim when we passed through whatever building that is that has the DMV setup in it. And you wouldn't be the first person to try to see whose driving. I've had people look at me and try to figure out which member of the band I am. Back in the day people used to think I was Dick Murphy's brother and others thought I was Dick at times. If your reading this Dick..... I apologize for the deeds I committed in your name!