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Testing, testing 123 *tap tap*

Hi guys :)
Just wanted to stop by and say hello...I just saw Harry and Mike with KANE (as we watched a boat sink into the river) and I saw Jack when he played with JD Thrush...It was awesome to see three of my favorite guys in the same room again...miss you Dick and George and Tim..
I know it's hard for you all to get together...let it be known that you are missed...but it would be really, really cool to be planning on going out to see you play together locally I just found some pics that I'm going to scan...from God knows when and send them...
Be good!

Re: Testing, testing 123 *tap tap*

Debby, The band WILL be reuniting next year. We do not know where or when yet but we will post that information in our NEWS area as soon as we have it. Right now we are working on the second CD. Stay tuned for more information on that as we near completion... The Alecstar Band

Re: Re: Reunion 2007

How about a show in/around the Albany area???? You have fans there too! Gloversville, Johnstown, Amsterdam, Albany, Schenectady. It would be closer for some of us who live in Boston now. Ok, so I think there are only 3 of us, but you get the picture.