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building a Miracle

I have just started building a Miracle dinghy. I got the Timber from Robbins, CNC routed by 4th dimension. I have a set of the original instructions (OI) that accompanied a kit and I have the usefully illustrated record of Brian Jones' build (BJ). Inevitably all are slightly different.
The current question is this-
Everyone stresses the importance of the central spine and centreboard case, which I understand. OI instructs the addition of 2 packing pieces either side of the spine. I assume (but it doesn't say)the spine is 15mm thick+ packing pieces 5mm each = leaving a gap for the centreboard of 25mm. BJ builds the new shape and remarks that the spine is made up of 3x15mm parts glued together. The laser cutting scheme he uses shows 3 of each spine part. He doesn't mention packing but, since the centreboard itself is 18mm wide, I assume he used packing.
However Robbins and 4thD have delivered 4 laser cut parts. I assume this is no accident. A thicker spine might be a good idea. Perhaps there has been a change? This would then leave a centreboard slot of 20mm; pretty tight for a 18mm thick centreboard, but not necessarily a bad thing. Packing pieces would make the slot 30mm wide, which would, I think, not be good. What should I do?

And on the subject of the centreboard, the OI contemplates a ready made and shaped board. It is not part of the wood I have bought. Can I laminate it out of 3x6mm ply?

I look forward to any advice.