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Neil Gaiman

I assume Neil needs no introduction here. ^.^Anyway, I love Neil and know that he's been friendly with Brian and Wendy in the past. I love his notes that he wrote for the Faeries CD.

I was reading back-entries in his blog tonight and discovered that in 2001, he was working with Brian and Wendy on a poster for his poem "Instructions." Neil said that it was definitely finished and that it was supposed to be released in a limited edition to benefit the CBLDF (Comic Books Legal Defence Fund.)

What happened to it?

Neil also mentions that he and the Frouds were working with Sony on a film called "Tam Lin." Like I mentioned, I'm kind of a new fan, so maybe the Frouds mentioned it and I just missed it. But I follow Neil's blog pretty closely and haven't seen anything new mentioned there either. Is this one of the films Wendy hinted at in her summary of this year's surprises?

Re: Neil Gaiman

I've seen MirrorMask and I liked it a lot : )


Re: Neil Gaiman

neil gaiman was doing tam lin. but isnt anymore.
i don't know if tam lin is the movie mentioned recently or if there is a new project in the pipe line.
hope that helps.

Re: Neil Gaiman

I'm sorry to hear that Neil's no longer on the project. How did you find that out? Also, do you know who's doing it now, if the project still has the green light at all?

Re: Neil Gaiman

The tam Lin movie has been shelved indefinitely- heard it from the horse's mouth back in December. It's a bloody shame because the concept sketches looked amazing! Brian did an amazing slideshow presentation with an Evanescence soundtrack! I hope that one day the idea takes off again. it was going to be set in modern day New York!

Em xx

Re: Neil Gaiman

oh,that sounds beautiful! That's too bad it floundered.

Re: Neil Gaiman

Neil was working on a film version of his novel Stardust which is coming out soon...the trailer is available for those who like his work

Re: Neil Gaiman

Yes, Neil has multiple film projects in the works right now. Stardust is coming out soon and I can't wait to see it!

Well that solves the Tam-Lin mystery, but does anyone have information about the "Instructions" poster?

Re: Neil Gaiman

Hate to say it but, seriously, if that article from Faerie Magazine was right about why this got so popular in the outside world for a while, all we need is another national catastrophe and they'll make it. Just stating the obvious.

Re: Neil Gaiman

what did the faery magazine say? and about what?

Re: Neil Gaiman

Yeah that went right over my head.

Re: Neil Gaiman

okay, so I just typed up the whole article and my computer erased it! Fine! The essence of the idea was correlating current interest with war: the turn of the last century and the world wars and Tolkien; Vietnam and the hippies and their faerie beliefs; 9/11, Iraq and today. Idea being that it can comfort those going through loss (it sounds dumb coming from me but the article has it in greater detail - Winter issue 2005). I don't know about y'all but I'm already noticing a decline in public interest. Just a couple of years ago _two_ stores that I know of in the west Denver metro area had faerie festivals. Didn't happen last year, had never happened before.

Re: Neil Gaiman

... Erm.

All I asked for was an update on the status of these projects between the Frouds and Gaiman.

It seems pretty inappropriate to drag the topic of war and fantasy as escapism into what was merely a simple question about a specific project... Especially since projects in the entertainment industry get shelved or delayed all the time as a matter of course.

I just want to know about the Tam-Lin movie and the "Instructions" poster. I don't mean any offense, but if you start a huge debate in this post about politics and psychology, I'll probably never get an answer to my original question.

Re: Neil Gaiman

aurora. you've pretty much already got your answer, and although you started the post, you dont own the conversation. ad the nature of conversation is that it evolves and changes.
i agree the faerie magazine article is somewhat off topic, and i dont quite understand where it links in to the original conversation, but tht doesnt really matter. its an interesting point, that i think is interesting to discuss. you dont really have the right to tell them to stop talking about it.
anyone wanting to respond to your gaiman question will have read your first post, and will respond to it regardles of how the conversation evolves. it works like that. i've been here a loooong time. (not many people read every singles response)

so yeah. i'll just step off of m soap box now

Re: Neil Gaiman

It is an interesting point, but it doesn't have anything to do with my question. I don't think I'm wrong for pointing that out, or for hoping that the conversation stays on topic. I'm a member of many discussion groups, and staying on topic is just common courtesy.

I've been lurking long enough to notice that things don't really work that way here... which is fine, but it shouldn't offend anyone that I asked a question and would rather have an answer than talk about war and politics and faery beliefs. There's nothing wrong with that, and you don't have the right to reproach me for it just because you've been here longer than me.

I've heard about things like this happening on this forum... which is a shame, since there aren't many other places to go. But I think I'll just quietly leave before I inadvertently offend anyone else.

Thanks to those who answered my question.

Re: Neil Gaiman

English Muffins!_

Just thought I'd try to break the tense atmosphere here We're all friends in the end on this forum.

Re: Neil Gaiman

There are forums where conversations don't drift? Even the technical programmers forums I'm on do that.

I don't think staying on topic is common courtesy. I do think that refraining from jumping down people's throats for having a naturally evolving conversation is common courtesy.

Re: Neil Gaiman

thanks pyrian, for showing i wasnt the only one who thought that.

now if you'd like to get back to the gaimon question, what else have you not had answered yet? just so we can make sure your question is completely answered before the conversation drifts further.

Re: Neil Gaiman

I remember first posting here and, strangely, getting about the same reaction and that was years ago - it's not just you, Aurora, it's the nature of the beast. I think people get so sick of others not taking them seriously that when they get somewhere like this they can almost get a little militant at times.

Re: Neil Gaiman

brilliant. now i'm being called "millitant"?! i want everyone to feel welcome here, and that is the only reason i spoke up when someone was told they didnt have the right to say what they wanted to add. they wern't saying anything offensive so i felt they should be free to say it.
i'm not saying anything more on this matter. conversation over.

now can everyone leave this issue and get on with talking about neil gaimon or faeries or whatever?

I'll start. :)
i didnt like mirror mask. (this is the best example as to why that i could come up with) It was hyped as the (unnofficial) sequel to labyrinth, but i felt they were polar opposites in style. where as labyrinth could possibly be compared to preraphaelite art, mirrormask was very cubist. and thats an art movement that i do not warm to.
The story didnt grab me either. the girl was very pretty though.
i'm looking forward to seeing the dark crystal sequel though. anyone know anything more about that?

(see what i did there?)

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