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All good things come to an end. Or so they say. AFTN has been around since 1989, first as a fanzine and then making the jump to a website and forum in 2003. We've been through the many ups and down at East Fife in those 12 years but policing the forum has become a giant pain in the ass in recent years. As such, we made the decision not to renew it when it expired.

The forum is no more and will remain as a locked archive until it is eventually deleted by the host. We're looking in to try to save some of the content as an archive.

This is not the end of AFTN though. The site will continue and will be revamped and return in its full glory for the start of the 2016/17 season. Maybe even sooner. There will be a comment sections and possibly even a new, registered forum. Check our Twitter (@aftnwebsite) for all the latest info and we'll also post in on the EFFC memories Facebook page.

Until then, have a last browse here, thanks for all your support over the years, and 'Mon the Fife.



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Poetry Corner

Was looking at the strips on the Official Site and came across this interesting article as well, thought it was pretty good and anyway more people will probably see it on this site and it does deserve to be seen and read.

Mr Rob Kennedy Bennett was walking the Fife Coastal Path and he came across the stadium. He popped in to see us and took a tour of the premises. Dave Marshall happened to be present and kindly showed him round. Mr Kennedy Bennett was very grateful for this show of kindness and as a result, he sent us this poem and a wee history of how he became to be interested in "The Fife". The following is a copy of the e mail he sent to the Club recently along with a very good poem about the Club's greatest day .

Dear Leona,
Forget to tell you, I do a wee bit of writing as a hobby. For many years I have had poems printed in a local nostalgic newspaper called the Black Country Bugle.

Also I am featured on the website Poetry, Songs and Writers of Scotland who show my ‘Scottish’ side. From there I came across a website Football Poets where my ‘Footie’ poems can go to. I can be found by ‘Googling’ Robbie Kennedy Bennett.
On the Football Poets site I sent a poem called Fifers Day to put your club in the pot. This was created through reading Jim Corstorphines events of the day on your club site and also researching other sites. I let my imaginative football mind then take over. It felt great to see East Fife pitched against the big guns of Chelsea and Man Utd. etc.
I noticed recently you are mentioning Whitby on your site because of their maritime connection to you. I can’t guarantee that I have that is so solid. I first noticed 2 things on your club badge.

1 St Andrews flag, which I always wear around Codsall and Wolverhampton.

2 The name of Fife
Little did I realise is that there was a 3rd.
Your colours are gold and black, as are the Wolves, which was enough for me.

I did purchase your centenary polo a couple of years ago and it is a well-worn feature of mine.

My dad was from Ladybank, further north, and he did go to sea, where from I don’t know.

Anyway I’m babbling on a bit now so I’ll just leave you my poem of Fifers Day. Jim will know if it is near true in my mind.

Robbie (Bob)

Fifers Day 1938 ©

A dressing room team talk on cup final day,

‘Believe in yourselves and show you can play’.

‘We all have a chance how small or how great’,

But to win or to lose could be fate?

From the very first whistle their defence stayed strong,

But it had to be asked for how long.

A division two team were under attack,

A relentless opponent kept pushing them back.

Killie snarled and roared,

Then McKerrell the Fifer unleashed a great strike,

The minnows from Methil had scored.

I read that the tide then turned for Killie,

Twice the Fifers were forced to concede.

Odds on favourites were Killie,

On course at half time with a two one lead.

The teams then returned to commence,

Surely not an upset could a Killie fan sense.

For the next ten minutes the men from Fife,

Hung on to their footballing life.

Then on the hour came the Fifers reply,

Killie were behind when McLeod twisted high.

His acrobatic goal that day was a gem,

They nae lost the lead again.

Extra time beckoned for the two weary teams,

The Scottish Cup Final and football dreams.

A bosses team talk is believe what I say,

‘This is to be an underdog day’.

Black and gold coloured supporters then roared,

Miller for the Fifers had scored.

Killie then faded with the afternoon light.

Their dream of this trophy was soon out of sight.

In I938 came a memorable day,

Over 91,000 watched this final replay.

When McKerrell scored goal number four,

He sent many a Killie to the exit door.

This game now became well beyond doubt,

The gold and black colours once again came out.

East Fife 4 Kilmarnock 2,

The trophy that year went to Bayview.

© Robbie Kennedy Bennett


In 1938 East Fife became the only Second Division team to win the Scottish Cup

Printed on the website Football Poets 25/01/2007