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Re: No to NewCo

Further to the above, other clubs should be given the opportunity to apply for any vacant SFL place as happened after Airdrieonians and Gretna went out of business.

Re: No to NewCo
Re: No to NewCo

I am holding off renewing my ST this season (even though I will miss the early bird price)
I think it is shameful that those in power are trying to hatch a plan in which the cheats will only be out of the SPL for 1 year!
I know none of this whole sorry episode is the fault of EF,but as I said in another post,what is the point in supporting a team outwith the OF,when the whole fabric of our game is corrupt and quite frankly a farce!

Re: No to NewCo

Quote: Supporter Of East Fife
With the recent developments reported by the Daily Record this morning, and the potential chance of East Fife FC to vote on Rangers being admitted to SFL1 can I please make my stance clear to the Board of Directors. Please, and this is coming from a loyal supporter of East Fife for many years, DO NOT vote in a NewCo Rangers. I'd urge the Board to release a statement allowing us, the fans, to analyse your position on this situation. I will not be back to Bayview if MY club votes in favour; and that hurts me to say that! Could any supporter who agrees with me please also appeal to the BoD that we, as fans, want a "no" vote cast. If someone from the Board, or on behalf of them, could engage with myself and the other loyal supporters of this Club in this thread please do so. I love my team, I am proud of my team, and I am looking forward to this season, but I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE CLUB ALLOWING CHEATS A CHEAP WAY BACK INTO SCOTTISH FOOTBALL. Please, East Fife, put integrity first, if your vote is required.

Thanks, kind regards

a loyal Fife fan

I'm with you 100% on this one. A newco Rangers voted into SFL 1 will shame the whole of Scottish football and may well be its death knell.

NO to newco Rangers in SFL 1 (or SFL3 for that matter)

Re: No to NewCo

Saw this on DAFC.Net and thought I'd share it (EFFC BoD, if you are reading this, please print this off and show it to everyone connected with this club, other clubs in the SFL and get them to say NoToNewCo)

Clydebank went to the wall. No one saved them

Inverness started at the bottom. No one invited them to the top because of the size of the city.

Airdie went down no one saved them.

Dundee got 25 points reduction. Credit to there fans where the board let them down and surely saved there club.

Livingston were relegated. No one saved them.

Ross County started at the bottom.

Elgin started at the bottom.

Gretna went to the wall. None of the top SPL clubs wanted someone that bought success in there division. (A bit rich considering what we now know)

If St Johnstone went into administration or Ross County would they do the same to them as they are proposing for Rangers. I think not.

To make an exception the SPL and SFL and all the board members are only interested in lining there pockets and not interested in the laws and ethics of the game.

We have also to consider that the Newco have no players to even bargain with. The players are doing what most modern players do. Looking after no 1 and who would blame them.

If they end up with a bunch of 21 year olds then there is always the chance of them being relegated !!

Come on East Fife, I'm putting my faith in you as I don't want to desert my beloved club, but I will if this The Rangers are voted IN to SFL1 by EFFC. The quicker you let me, and potentially other fans, know the stance of the club; the drawbacks, the advantages and the conclusion of your decision for the vote,if it comes to it, the quicker I can buy my ST and continue to be proud of my local club and help us strive towards greater things.

Re: No to NewCo

Newco must start at the very bottom.If newco start anywhere else then I want no part of Scottish football.

Re: No to NewCo

Totally agree with all of the above, although obviously I can't withhold my money from being far away.

All lower League clubs should pressure their boards to say no to a Div 1 entry.

That said, I'm not even sure that it will go to a vote. Can the SFA not just bulldozer this through?

I would urge people genuinely upset about this to email the club at:

Or contact Eugene at the email address in the thread stickied at the top and let your feelings known.

Re: No to NewCo

I made the point to the board members at the saturday fans Q& A session during the season that East Fife fans expect their representatives to put sporting integrity before finance if they had a chance to influence the outcome of the current situation.
Now is the time for them to step up to the mark on this and make sure cheats are not "admitted" to SFL division 1.

Serious attempt at consulting fans on this is the least we should expect from our board. Football is a t a crossroads and if our chairmen sell there souls for a one off bung of Murdoch money then it is the end for clubs like ours.
No to NEWCO in Div 1 . No to Sky running Scottish Football

Re: No to NewCo

totally agree that rangers deserve what is coming to them they cheated there fans and scottish fitba. but i will be still getting my season ticket as i buy that so the club has funds to bring in players. if we dont buy them as we would normally do it doesnae hurt rangers it hurts us. so i say no to the newco but aye to east fife. but just my opinion

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

SCOTTISH football’s bosses are on the brink of securing a revolutionary rescue package which will see Rangers play in the First Division next season.

SFA, SPL and SFL chiefs were locked in talks last night as a six-hour summit went on past midnight.

The meeting was aimed at reaching agreement on radical proposals to deal with the chaos created by the financial carnage at Ibrox.

SFA chief Stewart Regan hosted the secret gathering aimed at bringing an end to the Rangers crisis.

After days of talks between the three ruling bodies, Record Sport understands SFA chief executive Regan, SPL counterpart Neil Doncaster and SFL boss David Longmuir thrashed out a four-point blueprint to revolutionise football in Scotland.

The trio have been tasked with reaching a broad agreement over the future of Rangers as well as reforming the league structure.

This is to bring clarity to the current chaos as the clock ticks down to the SPL general meeting on July 4 when the members will vote on the Ibrox club’s fate.

But negotiations could now deliver a cast-iron deal which would allow the SPL to offer guidance on a way forward and that in turn would see the emotive vote become nothing more than a box-ticking exercise.

As Record Sport revealed this week, proposals are in place for Rangers to go to Division One and common ground has been reached on host of issues.

A key part of the plan would see SFL clubs handed compensation payments from the SPL as part of a deal with Sky to broadcast live Rangers games in Division One.

Clubs across the country will now get the chance to give historic plans the green light.

The four key points on the agenda were:

●Finding a mechanism that will allow Rangers to parachute straight into the First Division next season.

●A guarantee that play-offs are introduced immediately at the top of the First Division for a place in the SPL.

●The distribution of short-term payments to SFL clubs from the SPL to allow Rangers’ First Division games to be shown live on Sky.

●A timeline to form one body, the Scottish Professional Football League.

Regan has managed to unify both leagues and mediate over the squabbling which has been the stumbling block.

Assurances have been made to SPL chief Doncaster that the Sky deal will remain in place but he has been playing hardball over the amount paid to First Division clubs to have Rangers’ games broadcast live.

Longmuir’s battle for a fair deal for the SFL will have huge implications for lower league clubs as they will gain historic capital from a merger with the top flight.

Also on the agenda was the SFL’s bid to install a strong representation within a new SPFL set-up and a stumbling block has been the SPL’s insistence they get a 3-1 ratio in favour of board members.

The SFL demanded an even split on any new board which will also include a new chief executive as well as one independent sitting on the ruling panel.

Regan’s bid to deliver a broad consensus over the way forward also involved discussions over the appellate tribunal’s transfer embargo on Rangers.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

If the East Fife board were to vote in favour of this Rangers Newco then I won't be back at Bayview, and that would be me finished with Scottish football.

I hope the board will clarify their position on this as soon as possible.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

As it stands there is no space for any new club or otherwise in the first Division. If it is decided that Dundee or Dunfermline should take the place of the now defunct Rangers, this will leave a space in Division 1. If the newco of Rangers are eligible to apply for entry then surely every club in the country have a right to apply for the same position. This means East Fife, Albion Rovers, East Stirling etc have as much if not more right than the newco to that position. Gala Fairydean, Spartans, Huntly etc should also be able to apply. These clubs should take on the SFL if the new Rangers are admitted to the first division. There should be no debate. They apply for membership of the SFL along with Gala etc and have their application discussed by the SFL as would be normal practice with the winning team entered into Division 3 - end of !
I will always support East Fife and would not walk away from the club I've supported for 45 years. What would East Fife have to gain by voting yes to the newco Rangers going into Division 1. Surely it would be in the clubs interest to have them enter at Division 3 and hopefully have at least a season with them in our League. I hope the Board do make a statement about their intentions for any vote.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Send Gers to the 3rd Div.
season ticket is already bought and i'll stand by whatever decision the Board makes regarding whats in the clubs best interest.
cant believe some on here are holding back on their season ticket purchase with the excuse of waiting to see what the board will do.

so you wont be back if the club votes yes but were still turning up when we had a convicted paedophile as a chairman???

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

I could see this coming a mile off. The way it looks to me is this: As soon as there was a hint that the SP Hell clubs would vote against the newco getting into their league the SFA haatched a plan to reorganise and get Rangers newco into a reformed league structure. Why on earth are people involved in the running of the game trying to rush through changes if it isn't to accomadate the Rangers newco. I wouldn't be happy at them going into the 3rd but to go into a newly reformed 1st would be a disgrace. The authorities may have seriously misjudged the fans views on all this and at the end of the day you ignore the fans at your peril.

Do not vote for this sham of a comprimise, it is a disgrace.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Agree totally with most posts,they surely shoukd go 2 div3.According to scotland on sunday 2day it isnt a total formality as it will still require a 23 out if 30 yes to allow them straight into div1 from the sfl clubs and according to s.on sun there are the starts of a fans campaign beginning in the lower leagues with partick fans saying NO. Let all fans stick together and send then down to start again,shame on any board who support their appearance in div1 and just remember these terms will never be applied to you if your club hits trouble.
A final point that mystifies me is since when did anyone apply to join div1 anyway thats what promotion and relegation decide not some dodgy backhanders from the powers that be!!!

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Correct! The logic seems to be:
SPL- We would have put sporting integrity second to money but we got caught wi our pants down and our support wont let us.

SFA- We have to uphold sporting integrity but only a bit so well change everything to make sure the big boys dont have to suffer for too long or by too much.

SFL- We dont really like it but we'll sell out on sporting integrity on the promise of a one off payment to our members and an SFA promise to develop a "timeline" to change the league structures in the way most fans have wanted for years.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

An absolute scandal if the Newco are allowed to walk straight into the 1st Div! Can`t believe the authorities are bending over backwards for this mob! It`s all about the money and it`s shocking! Our game is truely fucked.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

A lot of negativity abound here.
The SPL are set to say no to the Newco and the mood around the SFL clubs is that they should not gain automatic admission to the league.
That's good is it not?

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Let them apply alongside the perennial applicants to join the league: Gala Fairydean, Spartans, Cove Rangers etc.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Quote: Fifer
A lot of negativity abound here.
The SPL are set to say no to the Newco and the mood around the SFL clubs is that they should not gain automatic admission to the league.
That's good is it not?

It that the mood though?

I've only seen a handful of Clubs say they are against it (although we only need 8 to say no which is at least good).

And you never know what pressure/incentives are going to be dangled to the blazers.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Well that's ICT now confirmed that they will vote no to newco along with Hearts, Dundee Utd and Hibs.

St Johnstone haven't confirmed their vote but the chairman has already stated he will vote no and highly likely Motherwell and Aberdeen will vote no too. Only 9 days until they are justice is done.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Well done Aberdeen!

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

I really hope the BoD of this fantastic Club can put a statement out in the open to state their position on this matter. I'm extremely positive our Board will do the right thing and say NO TO NEWCO. But, I'd rather be informed of their intentions before I 100% commit to this amazing Club. I can't and will not support a team who puts short term financial gain ahead of the long term future of Scottish football.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

An SFL vote hasn't even been scheduled. If and when the SPL vote down Newco FC, I would expect East Fife to put sporting integrity ahead of all else if SFL clubs get a vote.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Am I right in thinking that if the SFL 1 teams vote Newco out of the 1st division then the teams in league 2 and 3 then have the say in whether Newco goes straight to the 3rd?

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

I don't know if there even exists a mechanism for the a section of the SFL (e.g. Division 1 teams) to have a vote on who and who cannot join their league. Surely all SFL teams would have a vote for the newco (or any other applicant) to join the SFL with the rules stating that any club accepted joins on the bottom tier (Division 3). Unless or until Dunfermline (or Dundee maybe) are asked to fill the vacant slot in the SPL then as yet there is no vacancy.

I cannot conceive of anything that would allow a new team to start in Division 1. Unless they rip everything up and restructure. But with only a few weeks to the start of the season that surely cannot happen.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

I think that they should go through the same process as Peterhead,Livingston,Annan,Ross County, etc.

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Observations on a few things.

1 - stop reading the record, it's the beano with an agony aunt page. They have a west coast labour 'here's tae us, wha's like us?' mentality that has no place in a modern Scotland. They pander to the lowest pondlife and as for the news? If they said the sky was blue, I would check.

2 - if Rangers/newco get into the league anywhere other than the third, Scottish football is dead. I would actually prefer them to be killed off completely, but they would just manifest itself in another guise sooner or later, and no club deserves that fate.

3 - this is a chance to change the game for the better. Its a diddy spring, we will never get another chance to do make people sit up and take notice of what we want.

4 - as much as I can't stand them, I'm worried about Cowden, as no club deserves the fate of the Bankies. Well except Airdrie...

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Is a takeover at Cowdung by Newco part of the plan and the reason Donald Findlay joined the Board at Central Park a few years ago ? Just asking !

Re: No to NewCo From Today's Daily Record

Quote: Confused
Am I right in thinking that if the SFL 1 teams vote Newco out of the 1st division then the teams in league 2 and 3 then have the say in whether Newco goes straight to the 3rd?

I think all 30 SFL Clubs vote to where this new Club goes within the SFL - 1st to 3rd Div (or whether to admit them at all)

An emergency meeting could be called with five days' notice and a vote to allow a newco entry would require a 75% majority, or 22 clubs out of 29, to succeed.

We must be nearly there already ??

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