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All good things come to an end. Or so they say. AFTN has been around since 1989, first as a fanzine and then making the jump to a website and forum in 2003. We've been through the many ups and down at East Fife in those 12 years but policing the forum has become a giant pain in the ass in recent years. As such, we made the decision not to renew it when it expired.

The forum is no more and will remain as a locked archive until it is eventually deleted by the host. We're looking in to try to save some of the content as an archive.

This is not the end of AFTN though. The site will continue and will be revamped and return in its full glory for the start of the 2016/17 season. Maybe even sooner. There will be a comment sections and possibly even a new, registered forum. Check our Twitter (@aftnwebsite) for all the latest info and we'll also post in on the EFFC memories Facebook page.

Until then, have a last browse here, thanks for all your support over the years, and 'Mon the Fife.



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Re: Gordon Durie Update
Re: Gordon Durie Update

At 5.20pm approx Sat after the game, our manager Gordon Durie reported to the physio room complaining of feeling unwell.
After basic tests i decided ( as a precautionary measure)to call an ambulance for him, he was alert and responsive throughout.
The paramedics on arrival, having carried out several tests decided to take Gordon to the Victoriia hospital for further investigation. Having spent a comfortable night.He has this evening been allowed home,further tests will be carried out over the next week or so Gordon and family would like to thank everyone for their concern.
Further updates will be posted as and when available.

Brian McNeill

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Cheers Brian, hope all is good with the gaffer.

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Wishing Gordon a speedy recovery

Re: Gordon Durie Update

All the best to Gordon.

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Hope you're back fit and well asap Gordon

Re: Gordon Durie Update

I hear that Seagull is out of hospital now and they are waiting on test results.

On a side note, how depressing is it that a topic about our current manager and modern era famous ex players collapsing has far more messages on it than one complaining about the pre-match music?

The only thing that got people interested in the club was a visit to Ibrox. Financials apart, just about the least important game we'll have all season.

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Goes without saying that all genuine Linos send Gordon Durie our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Further update on our manager Gordon Durie as follows
Having spoken to Gordon today, he is comfortable and resting at home.

He will be taking some time off to recover,as you will appreciate.
He is still awaiting further tests,as information becomes available you will be informed.

Brian McNeill (club Therapist)

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Thanks for keeping us updated, Brian.

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Further update on the Manager today, Yesterday Gordon concluded his tests with all the results being clear.

He will continue to rest and attend his own Doctor to review medication,at this stage im sure the players and staff will give their best for the manager in his absense.


Re: Gordon Durie Update

Thanks for the update. Great to hear Gordon is doing good!

Re: Gordon Durie Update

Get well soon mate. Not many things are more important than East Fife...but your health is definitely one of them

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