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Away From The Numbers

All good things come to an end. Or so they say. AFTN has been around since 1989, first as a fanzine and then making the jump to a website and forum in 2003. We've been through the many ups and down at East Fife in those 12 years but policing the forum has become a giant pain in the ass in recent years. As such, we made the decision not to renew it when it expired.

The forum is no more and will remain as a locked archive until it is eventually deleted by the host. We're looking in to try to save some of the content as an archive.

This is not the end of AFTN though. The site will continue and will be revamped and return in its full glory for the start of the 2016/17 season. Maybe even sooner. There will be a comment sections and possibly even a new, registered forum. Check our Twitter (@aftnwebsite) for all the latest info and we'll also post in on the EFFC memories Facebook page.

Until then, have a last browse here, thanks for all your support over the years, and 'Mon the Fife.



East Fife
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team spirit

Seems its not just the fans who are struggling to find any light at the end of the tunnel.Michael brown tweeting last night that he has lost his enthusiasim and saturdays not the same anymore.

Re: team spirit

Can't blame him, he should be playing not warming the bench. I dare say he'll leave in the summer too and we'll end up with someone nowhere near as good.

Re: team spirit

Not surprised... Personally I think the way he has been treated by the club is pretty poor... Superb keeper and far too good to be warming the bench... I am a great fan on Brown and he will be a great loss....reading some of the recent posts its all a bit worrying... I will be at Brechin on Saturday though.... Thick and thin!

Re: team spirit

Antell is not as good as brown - it is complete madness to have brown sitting on the bench and there is no future in playing antell.

I think the club need to explain what is going on here...