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Re: Mithril Awards

I fixed it! LOL. If they want to read another story of mine they will have a problem because DEQ is the only story I linked that way. With all the other stories one has to go to the index page... (shrugs) and I can't possibly link everything up in two days. I am knackered, stuck grading exams and won't get any time off until Monday, which is too late!

thanks for letting me know!

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Replying to:

Hi Morgana,

I just nominated you for the Mithril awards, and, since you said they don't accept WIP's I checked all the links connecting the chapters. The link between chapter 21 and 22 is missing and if they don't look past the end of their noses and think DEQ ends there, they may disqualify your story. Maybe you could fix that?

Bye! -xxx-ies Lalaith Nienóri

Ps; I hope your DEQ wins at least one Award!