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Unveiling Infinity with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Unveiling Infinity with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Dhanusha Gokulan
Filed on November 15, 2018

Sri Sri explained that "meditation is the need of the hour", especially among the younger generation.
Meditation brings out the four I's in human beings, said internationally acclaimed humanitarian leader, ambassador of peace and founder of Art of Living Foundation (AOL), Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

"The four I's are - innovation, intuition, inspiration and intelligence," he said.

Sri Sri explained, "The purpose of the practice is to go back to our natural disposition, the way we were as children - always smiling, bubbling with enthusiasm, joy and happiness; living in the present moment with non-cluttered minds, living every moment a 100 per cent."

He believes that aggression and depression are two of the most prevalent human ills in the world. "The two ills of our society aggression and depression need to be tackled and there is no better way to tackle it than through yoga."

"Though born in India it belongs to the whole world," Gurudev said. Since AOL's inception 37 years ago, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's self- development programs have reached an estimated 370 million people worldwide. Nicknamed the guru of good cheer, Sri Sri is the foremost yoga and meditation expert in the world and goes by the principle: "Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world peace."

Speaking to City Times ahead of his visit to Dubai for the unique two-day meditation masterclass 'Unveiling Infinity' on November 16 and 17 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Sri Sri explained that "meditation is the need of the hour", especially among the younger generation. He said, "Meditation brings clarity, energy and enthusiasm." Sri Sri will also be hosting a free yoga event in Fujairah on Thursday, November 15 and a meditation master class in Dubai.

'Unveiling Infinity' draws from among a bouquet of some of the most exceptional meditation techniques, which help achieve deep meditative states with long-lasting positive effects for the body and mind. This wide array of techniques provides concrete ways to dive into meditation quickly for even the most stressed or busy minds. Excerpts from the interview:

What are the most common problems that plague modern society? Is the excessive use of technology one of them?

Modern society is clogged with aggression on one side and depression on the other side. Technology is just a tool. We cannot blame technology for overusing it. We have to look into our own minds and bring balance in our lives.

How can young people develop a habit of meditating regularly, and how does it benefit them?

Meditation gives energy to young people to fulfil their dreams. It can help them to increase their intuitive abilities. Meditation brings clarity, energy and enthusiasm.

What is the mantra to remaining in peace and positivity while consuming mainstream media that often reports articles on violence and chaos?

Meditation helps you erase traumatic memories and negativity from our mind. From science, we know that listening to too much of negativity can cause lesions on the back portion of our brain, the hippocampus. But it has also been found that meditation and breathing exercises help to erase these impressions and help you to take a fresh look at life and stay positive. Meditation is the digital detox.

Yoga and meditation are central to your teachings. Could you briefly describe what yoga and meditation are?

Yoga and meditation are simple but very effective tools to keep yourself stress-free. A little practice regularly keeps you in touch with your inner depth. Apart from giving a very palpable sense of health and well-being, it helps you deal with situations and challenges much better. Your people handling skills improve. As you listen more and more to your inner voice for guidance, you are able to take decisions with a clearer mind and your intuition improves.

What is your message to Indian expatriates - those living away from home in the UAE?

Indian expatriates wherever they are in the world, they have contributed to the local economy and mingled very well with the local culture. I wish they continue to become the pride of the country they reside in and pride to the country from where they come.

What is your dream for a new India?

My vision for new India is that of a place where everyone is happy and nobody is poor. Where everyone is treated equally and have justice. Everybody leads their lives with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Continued Below:

Continued: Unveiling Infinity with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Continued from above:

'Unveiling Infinity'

Over 6,000 participants from UAE, GCC and other countries in the region will undertake three meditation sessions, spread over two days. The techniques imparted will help them let go of deep-seated emotional issues and frustrations, and gain a better perspective on their thoughts.

The sessions will include powerful breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, and simple yet effective practical wisdom for daily living. Speaking about the upcoming session, Vipul, Consul General of India said, "Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is an institution and his influence has touched millions irrespective of nationality, caste and creed. UAE residents will soon have an amazing opportunity to be with the great master as he shares his wisdom with them first hand.

'Unveiling Infinity' will further help the UAE residents take steps towards greater peace and contentment, making this world a happier place". Art of Living Foundation's message of peace and wellness is spread by 35,000 instructors across 12,000 of its centres the world over, through practical steps that include breathing techniques, yoga and social initiatives.

"AOL has also conducted powerful empowerment and rehabilitation programs, benefiting hundreds of thousands in prisons, war zones, refugee camps and even in remote militancy-infested jungles," said Vinay Kapoor, member of the executive committee, Unveiling Infinity event.

"Gurudev's self-development programs have helped hundreds of millions around the globe experience stress relief and a state of calm and well-being. 'Unveiling Infinity' aims to create self-awareness and drain out negative energies that interfere with our contentment. This meditation masterclass will provide guiding tools for happier living. We are confident that these two days will be life-altering for many people as they turn to their inner selves for peace and happiness," he added.

Event details
Participation fees for Unveiling Infinity starts from Dhs500. To register for the event, contact The Art of Living Center in Dubai on 800AOL (800265) or Ui@artoflivingme.org. For more information, log on to www.gurudev.ae


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