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Re: It Is Really a Very Small World - Really!!!!

In 1960, I was turning in the shops liberty cards to the Master At Arms shack and as I entered the MA shack I saw two buddies from our home town. We glad handed all around and yelped till the the MA threw us out mutterin "d*** a****" hill billies. They had just arrived from our small town of Ellisville, Ms. and had news that 2 of my class mates were stationed on two different ships in port.
Ellisville is a small town with a population of 3500.
We all had a good three years.

Re: It Is Really a Very Small World - Really!!!!

It is a small world. In 1967 I was standing in the chow line at the AF base in Mildenhall, England, waiting for a flight back to KEF after having spent a 96 checking out the Soho nightlife in London. One of the airmen on the serving line was a good high school buddy I hadn't seen since graduation. He was killed in Viet Nam in 1969. I've always been grateful for that chance encounter in England.

Re: It Is Really a Very Small World - Really!!!!

Haven't heard Nick's name in many years. I was with him at Centerville Beach you might remember. What a great feeling when you can just trade sea stories and reminisce. Enjoyed chatting with you a few months ago.

Re: It Is Really a Very Small World - Really!!!!

George, great story! I have to tell you though that I have grown to be a bit cosmic in my old age and the meeting wasn't entirely coincidence. I'm sure it was alot of fun though!

Re: It Is Really a Very Small World - Really!!!!

It sure is a small world. Was great meeting up with George and Peggy on cruise to San Diego. Probably the first time he had ever been to sea. We are currently in Port Kenyon---Ferndale---and will be leaving tomorrow after spending a week visiting friends. All evidence of NFCB is gone other than road and fence. Have had typical weather---rain, rain and more rain----Eel River is up to monitoring stage and we have been keeping an eye on the roads around town as some roads are already blocked by flooding. Yesterday highway 101 and 299 were both closed due to snow. Still a beautiful area but they can keep the weather.