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Re: DoD Decals no longer required on Naval/USMC installations

Don't feel bad guys. Ditto here at Fort Lee, VA. It's a pain, but at least civilian cars can still get in. We've had the search treatment several times with a dog as well.

LCpl Jim Le Sesne (Rae's Grandson) is a USMC Ordnance Machinist at the new BRAC created Ordnance school located at Fort Lee, VA. Even though he's an E-3 bucking now for E-4 they won't allow him to have his car at the fort. He's not exactly infatuated being in a facility with a bunch of USCG, USN, Air Force and Army personnel, but that's orders. As the MOS leader, he's out there by 4:30AM every day preparing his MOS guys every day for the next PFT while the others are still sleeping. Marines are certainly a "driven bunch" of folks, just like Dad always said.

Him not having a car means we have to go pick him up and return him every weekend while he's at MOS school, which means re-registering the car every time.

I broke down crying a few weeks back when Jim was in my Dad's house and noticed the "Honorary Seabee" plaque Dad got in 1973. He looked and said..."Grandpa really get this plaque?" I said yes. "Not bad. Outside of the Corps these Sea Bees seem to be a good bunch of folks, especially the combat trained ones. I'd share a foxhole with them any day." I guess that's the highest complement a US Marine can give to another service member.