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Re: New photos in FSS Key West folder

Capt. Jim - thanks for the posting of some really great photos. You and Kathy look fabulous !! Seems as though the bars on Duval St. have stood the "test of time" fairly well, also. Last time Linda and I were there was May-Dec of 1971 while I was attending OT Maint. School. Not sure why, but Key West was the only place Linda did not care much for, but she kept active in her Girl Scout leadership, Navy Wives, etc. - I think it was just too hot/muggy for a gal brought up on the Oregon Coast. How's retirement treating you? - and when will Kathy throw the towel in? Best Regards..........Irv

Re: New photos in FSS Key West folder

Thanks, Irv. It's a long career, that's for sure! Loving retirement. Kathy follows me soon. She retires from Navy on 30 June of this year with "only" 29 years. I called her a Bootcamp and a quitter! All in jest, of course (<: Together we will have served 63 years in uniform.

Decided we will travel for a few years. We have 3 more one-week trips planned between now and her retirement (Cape May, NJ; Lake Champlain, NY; Bar Harbor, ME).


Re: New photos in FSS Key West folder

Little Freudian slip on the barracks caption. Next trip....more pictures of your wife and less of you.

Re: New photos in FSS Key West folder

Guess he was thinking he was back in Kef, Nick...

Re: New photos in FSS Key West folder

Oops! 428, 248, they all mix together at this age.