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Re: We are devastated

I don't get on here often enough but I want to share a similar situation we were in. November 2021 our PCM called me at 6:40 AM and said Barb's labs were very disturbing and that he was setting her up an appointment with a cancer specialist. We had that appointment and they said Barb had Lymphoma and that they wanted to check her labs weekly, attend a "Living with cancer" education class and see her doctor weekly. Talk about taking your breath away, we were equally devastated as well. A month later she was scheduled to begin her chemo treatments but the doctor said she noticed that Barb's copper levels were extremely low and that could cause faulty blood readings so she started taking a copper supplement. Chemo was put on hold and her weekly labs showed her copper levels were increasing. After a month and a half her copper was in the normal range and her blood counts were also back to normal. We were ecstatic and so thankful for all the prayers expressed for her. I'm certainly not implying that this could also be possible in Brenda's case but it was nearly a month into Barb's situation that the doctor decided to check her copper level. Apparently copper levels are not in regular labs unless asked for. We're praying for you and Brenda. God Bless!

Re: We are devastated


Re: We are devastated


We are so sorry to hear about Brenda's condition. Please tell her the she is in our thoughts and prayers.

Rick & Namiko

Re: We are devastated

Robin, very sorry to hear this news, it makes you briefly stop breathing. Both of you stay strong and hold onto each other. Hugs my friend.

Re: We are devastated

Robin and Brenda,
So very sorry to hear of this sad news. I just returned from an extended vacation far from home and was not on the website for quite some time. Please accept my heartfelt prayers for both of you in this time of need. Stay strong, keep informed and fighting this terrible illness. With the help of prayers from so many, the skilled healthcare workers, family, friends and God's all powerful spirit, you are in good hands. May God comfort and care for you.

Re: We are devastated

Shocked, Robin! All my prayers are with you.

Re: We are devastated

So sorry to hear about this. Give her a hug from Chris and I, and know that she is in our thoughts and prayers.