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Re: Phil Brown Passing

A good man, with a sense of humor. He helped a lot of careers.

For your consideration....Below is a link to Phil's "Find A Grave"memorial. In respect for grieving families, Find A Grave makes recent memorials inaccessible for a 90 day period. Phil's memorial should be accessible by 30 April 2023. There is no cost; anyone can view the memorial, leave a virtual "tribute" such as a flower, flag, etc. There are special icons available for veterans, police, etc.

At the very bottom of the Memorial is a "We Remember" link. Stories, anecdotes, etc can be entered here, again, at no cost.

This is an amazing way to keep memories of departed friends & family fresh in our hearts & minds.
If you know of other IUSS mates that have passed, memorials can be made for them as well.

Two accessible memorials of departed IUSS folks:


If you have questions, ask. I'm a "Graver" myself.

Re: Phil Brown Passing

Ed, where is Phil interred. Any link for an obit. EKD

Re: Phil Brown Passing

Phil is at Arlington.

He has an on-line "Find-A-Grave" memorial at


The site is free. Phil's obit is posted on the site. You can leave a virtual flower, flag, etc. There is also a "We Remember" section where you can share your memories of Phil with a much wider audience.