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Re: Beer Battered Ysa - Kef USO

The fish served at the USO each Friday was Ysa, which is haddock.

Re: Best Burger Joints

The burgers at the Viking weren't all that bad either. At least the bowlers thought so. Perhaps that is why they drank so much beer to get the burger swallowed down!

Re: Best Burger Joints

greasy spoon Charlie's in Bermuda. Best place for grease on a plate. and not a bad burger.

Re: Best Burger Joints

Actually, the two best burger joints in the world were the BOQ bar at Charleston Naval Station and the BOQ bar at Long Beach Naval Station. Long gone.

The two places where sitting for an hour would let you run into half the people you ever knew in the Navy were Mickey Finns in SD and the Chuck Wagon on the Naval Station at Subic. Ditto long gone.

The best Submarine Sanctuary was (I hope still is) at Yokosuka, Subic a close second.

The two best places in the world to screw up a marriage were the back bar at Oceana, Tailwinds at North Island, and the O Club at Miramar. Yeah, I know that's three but back in the day I tended to lose count.

Re: Best Burger Joints

I don't know if I'd vote it the "best" burger I've ever had but the club at CVB used to have a pretty darn good bacon cheese burger with grilled onions on it.

And when I was in Guam from '85-'87 the best burger on the island IMHO was at the Andersen AFB Palm Tree Golf Course Club House. It was worth the drive.

Re: Best Burger Joints

I can remember the Best Burger I ever ate was in "Doc Zeek's back yard on base in Argentia, NFLD. I recall Dave Williams was there as well as others as we all took a turn at watching and turning amazing moose burgers on a grill outside wearing foul weather jackets. What were we thinking!!!!!

Re: Best Burger Joints

I've heard people say that moose is really good. I imagine it is similar to deer meat.