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Re: Live The Life Aquatic By Buying This Ex-Navy Sonar Ship With A Rich History

Ah, the Salt Life! Spent about 5 months on the Vindicator. We took her to Charleston, South Carolina for 30 days (August, very humid!) in the Wando River Shipyard, then back to Little Creek for preps for deployment. Underway for backdeck training with 3 NOPF peeps onboard. Dropped them off at Bermuda and continued to the North Atlantic for an Exercise. Exercise was called off after 2 or so days due to large storm approaching. Exercise ships scattered, except us! We rode it out.
Then to Rota for some special comms gear, and then on into the Med. Mission end time came and went. Received message extending ops for two weeks (Oh Boy!). Two weeks came and went! (new message extending two more weeks ((Oh boy! for real)). Hot dogs were becoming standard fare).
Finally made it back to Rota with total days at sea about 120, twice the normal mission. So if you decide to buy T-3, remember, the ride stinks and the accommodations are very spartan.

Re: Live The Life Aquatic By Buying This Ex-Navy Sonar Ship With A Rich History

AAaaahhhh, a Sailor that remembers what it was really like!!!!!

Often time, We old sailors get a fuzzy memory and only the good times shine through.
That sounds almost historic for a SURTASS ship!

Good post Paul.