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Re: I wonder who's driving?

Ben, it makes one wonder if those 13 young people unnecessarily killed in Afghanistan were considered part of the “reserves”? POTUS was checking his watch as they were being off loaded.

Re: I wonder who's driving?

Nick McConnell
I was pretty surprised to read that the Navy decommissioned the USS Sioux City after less than 5 years of service. Clearly, this just continues the disastrous record of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program.

The Navy has also decided to halt the Zumwalt destroyer at three units. This ship was supposed to replace the aging Arleigh Burke units. Now the Navy wants more Burke ships.

About 10 years ago, the Navy obligated $600,000,000 to begin design drawings for the Ohio replacement.....a sub that doesn\'t seem to break down and is undetectable by everyone....including us.

I hate the system that allows people to make gigantic decisions with other people\'s money, and just walk away, with a large retainer, when they\'re wrong.