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Jean Robinson OT1 1978-1989

My wife Jean Robinson was a Veteran OT and was always very proud of that fact. Jean passed away on 07 November 2023 at the age of 65.

As I was a STG2 Surface Sonar guy, she never gave me a break on who was better, OT's or ST's. You can only imagine how that went. Please give her a moment to think of her sacrifice she gave with all those long nights or days she spent for her country.

Walter Stones
X-STG2 USS Peterson (DD-969)
(We did get a picture of a Victor III, she was disabled)

Re: Jean Robinson OT1 1978-1989

I served with Jean at COMOPTEVFOR as she was part of the OT group there in the mid eighties. She was always a very positive person in all her duties. My condolences on your loss.

Re: Jean Robinson OT1 1978-1989

Thanks, that was her last command. She later went on to NAVSEA and JFCOM.


Re: Jean Robinson OT1 1978-1989

I was stationed in Cape Hatteras with Jean. She was a good friend back then.

My condolences on your loss, she will be missed.

Fair winds and following seas.

Re: Jean Robinson OT1 1978-1989

Walter, my wife and I are very saddened to hear of Jean’s passing. We were stationed together a couple of times and I was just thinking of her fairly recently. I want to say the last time we saw her she was working as a civilian contractor in the Norfolk area. Please accept our heartfelt condolences and our best wishes for you to endure your loss.

Randy and Chris Scott

Re: Jean Robinson OT1 1978-1989

Sorry for your loss, the name is familiar I was stationed at Brawdy in 77-78 only other was Centerville 71-74, so probably Brawdy if I was stationed with her.