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The annual email blast of the Cable is complete

The annual email blast of the Cable is complete
The email blast of the 2023 copy of the Cable (IUSSCAA's newsletter) is complete. You should have an email from admin.

If not, here is the text of the email that went out:

The 2023 issues of the IUSS-CAESAR Alumni Association Newsletter, THE CABLE, and Member Directory are published.

Note 1 - In order to protect the privacy of our members, please do not freely promulgate Directory access to non-members of the Association.

Note 2 - Please take a minute to check your personal contact information in the Directory. Corrections or updates to member data may be sent using the ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP UPDATE FORM on the MEMBERSHIP page of the website (http://www.iusscaa.org/appl.htm) or by addressing an email to users@iusscaa.org. Please remember to update us when your postal or email address changes.

THE CABLE newsletter is currently being distributed to all members of the IUSSCAA. We are interested in your thoughts on content, ease of reading, etc. After reading, if you'd like to share them with us please send to users@iusscaa.org.

Topics in this edition of THE CABLE include:

IUSS 70th Anniversary/Reunion Celebration by Jim Donovan
IUSS 68th Picnic by Jim Donovan
Dam Neck Name Change Ceremony by Jim Donovan
Dam Neck Name Change Speech by CDR Kenneth B. Myrick II
Loss Of OTCM (Ret) Ed Smock by Commodore Steven Faulk
Sponsoring Smokey by George Widenor
IUSS Short Stories
Visit To NAVFAC Pt. Sur by Richard Kaiser
The Game Of Oolie by John "Jack" Spencer
Memories Of My Navy Life by John Cassidy
Russian Navy FOXTROT Submariner by Jim Donovan
My (Under) Sea Story by Jack Holdzkom
Fort Miles Museum Opens NAVFAC Exhibit by James Pierce
Essential Life & Business Skills Learned In The Navy by Carl Benkovich
Mr. Archie by Sheldon "Doc" Campbell
Life On Board A Nuclear-Powered Submarine by Tim Yorty
Early IUSS Memories by Frank Harwood
Maybe Just A Little by Raymond "Cat" Sylvester
People News - November 2023
In Memoriam

You may download the Cable using the link provided below. A link is also provided for downloading Adobe Reader (free) software, if you need it.

The link for retrieving the Newsletter is:

2023 Cable newsletter: http://www.iusscaa.org/datafiles/cablenovember2023.pdf
Adobe Reader: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

My best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a safe, prosperous, and Happy New Year 2024.

Nick McConnell
Director, IUSSCAA

Re: The annual email blast of the Cable is complete

A big "BZ" to everyone involved in putting this together. It is another literary masterpiece.


Re: The annual email blast of the Cable is complete

Totally agree Rick, the 2023 Cable is a very enjoyable read, with lots of info and insight.

Re: The annual email blast of the Cable is complete

Another great issue of their year's "Cable." Thanks to all those responsible for making it possible.