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Back on Adak Dream

Last night I dreamed I was back in the Navy and on Adak. I reported to the terminal building and was in the display room. Someone offered to give me a tour to update me after 50 years. I followed him around the room but there wasn't really anything to show me, just small groups of people standing or sitting around talking. The place looked more like a storage building with boxes and stuff scattered around the room. The plotting table was there but there wasn't any map on it. I was really confused as to what was going on and why we were all there.

Apparently someone higher up in the military decided that with the increased tensions with China and Russia and the more frequent threats to shipping that all of the NavFacs should be manned again as a precaution. Only problem was that person didn't know there wasn't anything left at most of them. Thus we all reported for duty even though there wasn't anything to do - but we were getting paid anyway. :relaxed:

Re: Back on Adak Dream

Great story, fun read.
There have been a number of posts regarding Adak and Bermuda, mostly highlighting
the deteriorated condition of the various bldgs.
I can see where someone with history at either of those sites might conjure up
a dream such as you experienced.
Thanks for sharing.


Re: Back on Adak Dream

Interesting dream! I have Navy related dreams now and then and most of them involve episodes that would mortify me. Showing up for an inspection with a dirty or improper uniform for one. When I retired I declined LCDR and once had a dream I went back to active duty and they wanted me to start at E1 again. Kind of worst case situations :)

Re: Back on Adak Dream

I used to have dreams about being late getting a position out when I was in a watch section up there. Although, I spent half my time in QA with Robin Hood and Bob Wisdom, which gave me nightmares of another kind. ;) Also had the pleasure of standing 3 section duty with Gary Peterson for 3 weeks, resulting in even more bad dreams. Now that I think about it, I should have claimed PTSD because of that tour when I retired. All kidding aside, I’d love to go back up there to see the place again, but I’m afraid it would just depress me. Seems like all of my AD (sea and shore) commands have been decommissioned except for CUS and NOPF Dam Neck (not sure what it’s called now).

Re: Back on Adak Dream

I left Adak in late 1981 and remember well the three you mentioned. Robin, Bob and I were at Kef together and I learned so much from them. Gary Peterson was really great and always had a positive attitude. Unfortunately both he and Bob are no longer with us.

It's really depressing to see Adak now. The buildings are in a sad state and nothing is really happening there. That's too bad as it was a great duty station.