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Death lends a hand, idea about title

Hi all, I was thinking lately and I came up with some (maybe funny) idea. I analysed the title Death Lends A Hand. As I said couple of times here, English is not my native language, so it can sound maybe more funny. I guess "death lends a hand" is some kind of idiom, and probably it means something like "death can help you, death can give you an extra hand"? But my idea is: when you read it the word "lends" sounds a little like "lens" as a contact lens, which was a main clue in this episode. What do you think about that? :)

Re: Death lends a hand, idea about title

It refers to COLUMBO examining the ring on Bremmer's finger. It. felt the diamond ring and figured out it caused the wound to the face of the victim..
" lends a hand" has a double meaning

Re: Death lends a hand, idea about title

yes, I know it has two meanings, but I just wanted to say that I came up with idea about third meaning :)

Re: Death lends a hand, idea about title

I never made the contact lens connection. Perhaps “Death Lens A Hand” would be a better title. I never even made the connection with the hand of the title being a reference to Brimmer’s ring. I thought the hand was referencing strangling. But now I remember Brimmer gave Mrs. Kennicut a backhand slap, he didn’t strangle her. So his hand knocked her out and his ring cut her face. Not one of the better titles. Maybe “Through the Lens, Darkly” or “Left-handed Murder”.