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Undercover motivation for murder

I just finished watching Undercover. I know it gets a bad rap on this forum, but as I mentioned in the post below, it's the only episode I didn't remember the ending to, so I chose it to watch!

I don't quite understand Irving Krutch's motivation behind the murders. I Know he's got the "X" piece, so is he planning to run off with the $4M himself?

Two murders seems a bit of a high price just to restore his name at work, and get his insurance company's $4M back. So is he lying about the whole insurance-agent bit? Using that just to gain the police dept's cooperation? He's planning to run off with the money himself, right?

Also, I suppose he'll claim that both murders were in self-defense.

Re: Undercover motivation for murder

I’m a little rusty with the plot details, so I can’t really answer your questions. But I also wondered about those puzzle pieces. It really took all those pieces before they could figure out the location? Wouldn’t just the piece with the X be enough? And speaking of that, the X isn’t exactly specific itself. Wouldn’t the loot still be kind of hard to find?

Re: Undercover motivation for murder

The X piece by itself didn't have enough of the surroundings to see that it was a spot in the water, next to a pier in the Marina Del Rey Channel. They probably really just needed the "X" piece and a few around it. Most of the bottom pieces were just water.

I think it was fairly easy for them to send a diver down and find the loot.

Re: Undercover motivation for murder

They went far over budget and past initial time estimates. branding firms