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Fade In To Murder

I happen to like this episode more than before, except of fact that whenever I watch it (and I do it chronologically) I have a feeling that the best is already behind me and now I am going straight to the worse side of Columbo
- Claire just says she will go to Tony's for food. How on earth Fowler knew that it is for certain and he knew exact hour? It sounds like she said it only to make her interlocutor happy
- this alibi... It was mentioned here couple of times, but it makes no sense at all! Mark thought he has been sleeping only for couple of minutes, so he can't provide Ward any alibi
- for a person who doesn't drink for 8 months he permited himself a drink really easily
- he was lucky that there were no other customers at Tony's
- and again the same place. The house of Ward (from outside) is the same as house in Double Shock and in Identity Crisis. But from inside it looks different
- it's a funny scene, but when Columbo interrupts the shooting of series, I always wonder why does it take so long for the filming crew to cut filming. They knew much earlier that scene is runed anyway
- he took a thread from Sid's sweater on purpose. Again he was lucky, not an easy thing to do it this way I suppose
- I just don't like Ward Fowler. He annoys me and I even can't say why. Mayby I just don't like William Shatner
- the shark from "Jaws" doesn't really look like the shark from "Jaws" :D
- it's a little strange that nobody had objections when Columbo enters Ward's dressing room
- Columbo really pretends he is "stupid" in front of Ward. Sometimes it annoys me
- I realised now that very, very often when Columbo speaks with the suspect/murderer at their place, they always pour themselfs a drink :) brandy or whatever
- all this talking when Fawler speaks as Lucerne about Fowler.. it annoys me too a little. Doesn't sound natural
- Columbo says that "two drinks" made Mark hangovered. Actually it was only one drink

Re: Fade In To Murder

The only explanation that I can come up with for the scene of Columbo ruining the shooting scene is that they were in a close up on Ward Fowler and Columbo was just off screen. Then when Ward sees him and is surprised, then they cut the scene.

Re: Fade In To Murder

I've always enjoyed this one. It's not a classic but it's fun and Falk and Shatner work well together on screen.

To me it seems that Ward Fowler actually has something of a breakdown during the events of the story as he starts to lose his grip on reality.

The only bit that slightly irks me in this story is the "Treasure to pill you" line. It's because it's so obviously written and I just couldn't imagine someone doing that naturally.

Re: Fade In To Murder

I agree. The more logical mixup would involve the first two letters of each word: "P" (if it's "Pleasure") or "T" (if it's "Treasure") and the "K" for kill. Following that logic, you would get, "It will be a kreasure to pill you." As I'm not aware of the existence of the word "kreasure", and neither were the writer's, apparently, they left it as we see it in the film.

Another thing I found interesting is that Fred Draper played the murderer in the most previous episode, "Last Salute to the Commodore" and had a significant role. His reward? He gets the shortest follow up appearance by any murderer in the Columbo series: one line - LOL!

Re: Fade In To Murder

Not one I ever rewatch.