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Re: Darrell Zwerling outtakes from Mind Over Mayhem

This has never looked like Darrell Zwerling to me. He supposedly plays the Motel Manager in "Mind Over Mayhem", but the guy they bring in (who's the bald guy in the back looking over the policeman's shoulder) doesn't look anything like the guy who's credited as Darrell Zwerling in "Exercise in Fatality".

Re: Darrell Zwerling outtakes from Mind Over Mayhem

Who is Darrel Zwerling?

Re: Darrell Zwerling outtakes from Mind Over Mayhem

He played some kind of investigator in E.I. Fatality.
That screenshot site is good, I found this, obviously nothing like Darrel Zwerling,

Was Darrell Zwerling definately in M.O.Mayhem, then edited out, or did they just put the wrong name on the credits?

Re: Darrell Zwerling outtakes from Mind Over Mayhem

The full cast listing from IMBD lists Don Diamond as "Portland Desk Clerk", but the character in question clearly states he's from Palm Springs.

I can almost convince myself (from the voice) that the reporter at about 7:05 in this clip is your "Lewis Lacey," but with no glasses and a different hair style and color. Of course, he's not playing a Motel clerk.

BTW, there appear to be several "Columbo in 10 Minutes" videos presenting synapses of Columbo episodes.

Finally, there certainly are some peculiarities with the cast listing for this episode. It was pointed out a while ago that William Christopher (Father Mulcahey from MASH) had pretty big billing in this episode, but nobody was able to find him in any scene. Also, Deidre Hall is listed as playing a receptionist. Didn't look to see if I could recognize her.