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New Columbo episodes

I have an idea to CONTINUE the episodes of Columbo. I think that there is a certain pattern which could be copied to the new episodes. What do you think about it ?

New technology allows us to create a hologram of Lt. Columbo and imitate his voice. The 3D rendering has a photographic quality and it would be very difficult to notice that the film is not real.

I suppose that first we can start with writing ideas and scripts of the episodes and then convert it into the final piece of art.

Are you ready for this challenge ?

Re: New Columbo episodes

To encourage you I start with the first proposal:
Title: "Prescription: Massacre"
Plot: A renown psychiatrist murders one of his patients. Unfortunately he is not aware that some other patients, who were waiting in a waiting room witnessed the murder. Now he has to dispose all the witnesses and he is doing it in an extraordinary way. However leaving some traces and clues ...

Re: New Columbo episodes

On the waiting list I have several other titles:
- "By the Dusk's Lately Light"
- "Suitable for Coffining"
- "Murder by the Cookbook"
- "Heavy Weight"
- "Short Cut"
- "The Art of Murder"
- "Queueing up Lady"
- "Fuge in Bach"
- "The Gardener"
- "Any Old Whiskey in the Storm"
- "Shock of Exposure"
- "Swan Deed"
- "Candid Murder"
- "Nuclear Reaction"
- "A Deadly State"
- "Murder in Santa Fe de Santisima Trinidad"
- "No Time to Murder"
- "How to Message a Murder"
- "Let Each Man be Paid in Full"

And many others to come !

Re: New Columbo episodes

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