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It's time for the second Columbo Sports Quiz, "spanning the episodes to bring you a constant variety of Columbo sports, the thrill of capture and the agony of da' feet ("You don't know where I could a pair that look like that for 15 or 16 dollars?"))

Try and name the episode, the sport and the characters (where applicable).
Good luck and enjoy!

(1) "Hey, that's pretty good, Mr. Danzinger."

(2) "And I will kill him like in the old days. With you assisting."

(3) "If he did, he'd walk home."

(4) "I warned him over and over again about going in twice in one day."

(5) "It's a great release for me to be up here, Lieutenant. All alone."

(6) VISUAL DAILY DOUBLE - Name the episode where there is a 1976 Olympic poster on the wall (Various sports are being discussed in the scene)

(7) "I really enjoy the game and I don't get much chance."

(8) "What the hell happened, I thought you said you couldn't play?"

(9) "With the sun in my eyes and a ding in my racket."

(10) "Who is Sgt. Gilhooley, anyhow? I might want a free one myself sometime."


In spite of hardly knowing any of these sports, I did a little better than I usually do with these quizzes (though two names escape me).

1. Troubled Waters. Shuffleboard. Hayden Danziger.
2. A Matter of Honor. Bullfighting. Luis Montolla (sp.).
3. Last Salute For The Commodore. Sailing. Wayne Taylor.
4. Any Old Port In A Storm. Scuba diving. Ric's fiancee.
5. Ransom For A Dead Man. Flying. Leslie Williams.
7. Death Lends A Hand (?). Golf. Lenore's tennis pro.


I meant golf pro, of course.


Just in the interest of keeping more people involved, I will point out that at least two of your answers, Grant, are incorrect, either partially or totally. I won't say which two until I give out the final answers. Good job, though, on your several correct responses!


8. A Bird in the Hand. Harold talking to the quarterback of The Stallions.

9. Columbo Goes to College. Coop talking with one of his frat bros after a tennis game.

10. The Conspirators. Joe Devlin asking Columbo after Columbo "skins" him at a game of darts.


Here's a picture of the Olympics Poster in Question #6

Columbo Sports Quiz #2: ANSWERS

1. Troubled Waters - Deck Quoits - Columbo to Hayden Danzinger (partially correct)

2. A Matter of Honor - Bullfighting - Señor Montoya speaking to Hector Rangel (CORRECT)

3. Last Salute to the Commodore - Sailing - Swanny speaking to Columbo (partially correct)

4. Any Old Port in a Storm - Diving - Joan Stacey (Ric Carsini's fiancee) to Columbo (CORRECT)

5. Ransom for a Dead Man - Flying - Leslie speaking to Columbo (CORRECT)

6. Try and Catch Me - Olympics Poster (Edmund had all sorts of sports stuff in his apartment) - Abigail Mitchell visiting with Columbo

(Not Answered)

7. How to Dial A Murder - Pool - Columbo to Dr. Mason (incorrect)

8. A Bird in the Hand - Football - Harold McCain to the QB of the "Stallions" - who were actually wearing Edmonton Eskimos uniforms

9. Columbo Goes to College - Tennis - Coop talking to his frat buddies (CORRECT)

10. The Conspirators - Darts - Joe Devlin to Columbo in the pub after being skinned. (CORRECT)

Congratulations! Well done.