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Murder Can Hurt You

We've mentioned on the site a 1980 movie called "Murder Can Hurt You," a spoof of all the 1970s crime shows featuring parody versions of Kojack, Ironside, Police Woman, Baretta, Starsky & Hutch, etc, and of course Columbo -- or "Palumbo" as he's called here, played by Burt Young. It's good fun, well cast, and worth a watch if you don't mind the corny 1970s humor. Palumbo plays a significant part. Although I have a copy, it has been very hard to find in the past, but I just noticed that it has appeared as a free movie on YouTube.

I like, for example, that Palumbo drives not a Peugeot, but a hideous grey Studebaker with a nose cone grille. And the wheelchair humor is outrageous by today's standards.

If interested, just go to YouTube and search for "Murder Can Hurt You". There are at least 2 different uploads of it, free.