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Re: 9-11-2001 Memories.

I remember it all too well. I was working for National Airlines, based out of Las Vegas as the airport deployment engineer. Basically, I was the guy in charge of setting up the ticketing and baggage areas for all the airports that National Airlines flew to. I was getting ready to fly to New York for the reopening of our facilities at the remodeled International Terminal at JFK when we got the news of the first plane colliding with the WTC. Our Flight Security Officer (a former Air Marshall) was in the flight training room and got the big screen up on the live feed from NYC. We all watched the second plane collide with the second tower and then watched as both towers collapsed. What a sickening feeling. There was not a dry eye in the room and those of us that were former or retired military were wondering if we could get back on active duty. Some of the comments made on that day are not politically correct so I will forego repeating them. Within six months of the first grounding of all aircraft, National Airlines declared bankruptcy and closed it doors. Interestingly enough, the only airline to successfully get any money from the Airline Stabilization Board (chaired by Senator John McCain) was America West, headquartered in Phoenix AZ. Imagine that. I worked for the court appointed receiver for a couple of months after that and got to turn the lights out in several of the National Airlines facilities. Very depressing! Found out that Unemployment insurance stinks and paying for COBRA is not an option on $256.00 a week.